Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Information Collected

Email addresses, names, telephone contact numbers, GPS location and residential addresses collected on the website is solely for establishing a point of delivery and will likewise be shared with any logistics company or partner Sneaker Pimp LLP outsources its delivery services to. The information is shared and distributed to Third Party organizations who are involved in Sneaker Pimp LLP asset’s daily operations and maintenance.


Payment Information

Information of Financial Instruments used to make payment at Sneaker Pimp LLP’s Payment Gateway is not stored or provided to Sneaker Pimp LLP by SSL Wireless. All information of financial instruments used is submitted through SSL Wireless’ secured server and domain and not Sneaker Pimp LLP. Sneaker Pimp LLP does not record or access information of financial instruments used for payment on SSL Wireless’ Payment Gateway.


Marketing and Promotion

Client information acquired or submitted on Sneaker Pimp LLP’s website may be used to recreate or engineer new marketing strategies and campaigns. Perusal of client information for remarketing is entirely due to Sneaker Pimp LLP’s discretion.


Disclosure of Information

Sneaker Pimp LLP will co-operate and co-ordinate with Legal Authorities provided a Legal Notice is addressed directly referring to requisition of information of a specific client or client’s information. In such a case only information related to client who’s information has been requested by legal authorities is shared.


Transfer of Information

In the event of transfer of ownership, or a merger of Sneaker Pimp LLP with any Third Party Organization, information of clientele is to be shared for perusal of the brand for marketing campaign and delivery services.