Our Story

Having grown up in an era where sneaker culture was at its peak, with the emergence of rap culture, modern pop and RnB culture, the founders always had a profound love for sneaker culture and streetstyle. In a country where neither of the trends were properly represented or established, Sneaker Pimp stimulated Bangladesh's fashion industry and put it on the map by becoming the face of sneaker culture and streetstyle. Sneaker Pimp was founded with the idea of spearheading sneaker culture in Bangladesh, whilst making the idea of owning an authentic sneaker affordable. People always looked down at the Bangladeshi retail market for having only pathetic replicas for sale, at yet unreasonable prices. Sneaker Pimp was designed to change that perspective. With a fashionista and a business development specialist at the helm of the ship, Sneaker Pimp was dreamt to sit at the summit of streetstyle and sneaker culture in Bangladesh.

Dola's perfect man-management skills and heart warming personality coupled with patience developed from years of experimental laboratory work, gave her the upper hand when introducing and integrating the idea of owning authentic sneakers into the fashion industry. Although a scientific researcher by profession, her sophisticated sense of fashion and humble personality earned her the adoration and friendship of our beloved ambassadors and customers. On the other hand, Raihan, a hard boiled trader sat behind the curtains and linked his sources of supply to the stimulated demand in the market. Coming from a family of businessmen with networks and associates all around the world, Raihan was the ideal partner to Dola's able marketing abilities. Together generating and feeding a market that barely existed. 

Sneaker Pimp was always going to be a challenge, seeing as though it was trying to stimulate a market that is riddled with social and legal obstacles. So we had to pave a pathway to sufficiently and reasonably enter the market without ringing too many alarms, yet catch the eager eye.